This is my (Ranjani Ramanan) earnest attempt to help educate kids about Hindu religion, culture and values through 'Slokas' This idea occured to me when my two year old boy learnt a short sloka all by himself just by listening to an audio cassette for 15 minutes. At that time, I felt compelled to create a site for kids to help them listen to some 'easy to recite' slokas. To make it interesting, I decided to create animations and compose slokas in easy to sing Ragas".
Tunes are composed with help from my grandmother Mrs. Anandavalli Subramaniam.
Animations are created with great deal of help from Kalaivani Lenin.
Further credits to, Janani Padmanabhan, Jyotsana Krishnaraj and Radhika Krishnaraj - Vocal
Aravinda Karthik, Satish Kumar and Navneeth - Keys
Aravind Hariharan, Saroja Ramamoorthy, and L.V. Nagarajan - Sanskrit expertise
I sincerely thank everyone for their extraordinary talent and contribution. I also thank my family and friends especially my
husband, Siva Subramaniam and my brother, Rajiv Ramanan for their support.
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